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The tropical trend in interior decor isn’t all about floor-to-ceiling palm-leaf wallpaper or making your living room feel like a cabana on crack. 

If that’s your thing, then knock yourself out - but most people just enjoy light quirky touches of the tropics, ones that evoke happy feelings and nostalgia for days of lazing on the beach with a pina colada in one hand and a good-looking man in the other.

This trend in interiors has been popular for the last few years - less about lively carnival bright colours and more about lush greens and touches of gold, along with natural fibres and jewel tones. There’s a good reason why so many of us have plants in our homes - they bring living shapes and unanticipated patterns to an otherwise well-planned home. Unless you live in our home of course, where plants go to die.

It is very easy to get carried away with Caribbean dreams when the weather in the UK is nothing but storms, blustery wind and driving rain. Huddling under a blanket, clutching a hot water bottle in miserable solidarity with one’s country is never as much fun as turning the central heating up to the max, stripping down to your summer wardrobe and relaxing with a stiff drink and some beautiful surroundings.

So this week we have been indulging our fantasy life with some tropical gems - these pineapple tea light holders, hooks and gorgeous palm tree candlesticks (guaranteed to banish the winter blues) bring some light back into our dark evenings, along with our monkey light, savannah and palm leaf candle holders. 

We would be over-reaching to state unequivocally that adding these touches to your home will entirely transform your life - but we can confidently say that they will transform your living space.

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