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Fabulous Furniture

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When you're selecting furniture for your home, are you the type of person who walks into a shop or sees something online and just says 'yes! that's the one', buying it immediately because you just KNOW it's the right piece for the right place? Or are you the procrastinator type who knows they need something to fill that gap, but may have to compare and contrast for hours, days or weeks before committing, (probably to the first thing you saw)?

We're all different and we all shop in different ways. As an unashamed Impulse Buyer, I base my decision primarily on whether I can SEE something in my home, alongside my other favourite pieces and only afterwards wonder about dimensions and the width of the door frames(!) Whereas my husband is the type to test, research, think, compare, contrast, think some more, miss all the sales and end up paying twice the price for the same thing we liked initially. We get to the same point, but in my biased opinion, my way is quicker, cheaper and less tedious. 

If you're starting your annual January clear-out, only to find that you need extra storage for all your things, or your furniture just needs a refresh, now's the time to start looking for a high-quality bargain.

Percy & Maud's Fabulous Furniture range is provided by Artisan Furniture, who produce beautiful hand-crafted, high-quality wooden and upholstered furniture. 

We can say with absolute certainty that although others may also stock Artisan Furniture, Percy & Maud offer it at a lower price than ALL our competitors. To celebrate this fact, we're offering a crazy extra 5% off this week with the discount code FURNITURE5, so now is the time to take advantage of our good nature and make something positive happen this Monday!

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